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Sintel Software’s Back Office grants you total control of your business from the back end while employees are processing transactions. Without interrupting the front end of your business accessing operation management is simple. Compatible will all Sintel Software POS software, Back office features Application Service Provider(ASP). ASP allows business owners […]

Back Office Software

Striving to maintain a successful bakery can be exhausting. Sintel Software’s Bakery Point of Sale Software is the perfect organizational tool to execute your business. In recent years trends like ornate cake designs and cupcake bakeries have been on the rise; consequently bake shops are expanding to meet higher demands […]

Bakery Point of Sale Software

The Salon and Spa Point of Sale software by Sintel Software is a great solution for organizing and maintaining your salon. Problems faced by salons is managing employees efficiently. Many salons have outdated systems to administer their business resourcefully. Sintel Software understands the regimen in which salons and spas operate, and […]

Salon and Spa Point of Sale Software

Sintel Software has been a long standing provider of Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale (POS) Software. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry we have modeled our program accordingly. The Sintel Software team has thoroughly studied the market sector and trends in order to provide a competitive edge […]

Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Software

Running a retail store can be complex, considering the amount of sales, inventory, and clients you may have. Quality customer service thus becomes hard to maintain. Sintel Software’s Retail POS Software presents you with the opportunity to manage your store all through our operating system. Overseeing your store has never been easier. […]

Retail Point of Sale Software