Sintel Software develops and procures professional point of sale software solutions for a variety of industries including restaurants, retail, and service industries across the globe. Our vast software portfolio offers solutions to power businesses ranging from single-store to international franchises. Sintel Software partners with global experts to ensure that its products meet current market demands while allowing for future needs.

Sintel Software always strives to ensure that the needs of the users are balanced with operational realties.  Our software is designed with the business operation at its center. Software platforms offering simple frontend (employee interface) while providing an extensive backend with management tools that allow for effective analysis is one of the most impressive achievements of Sintel Software’s line of solutions. The proof lies across the spectrum of POS software solutions that are offered across a wide range industries. The POS industry’s need to offer more comprehensive software has lead to a list convoluted software developments that fails to take into consideration operational challenges. Most commonly expressed difficulties include new employee training that can encompass weeks without full comprehension and filled with future of errors. In today’s dynamic economy accompanied by high employee turnover rates, Sintel Software’s frontend simplicity can power operations continuous efficiency with little downtime. Equally important remain the needed management tools and headquarter abilities that are accompanied with every Sintel Software solution.

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