Retail Software POS

Sintel Software Retail brings a professional and powerful software to your business. With HQ functionality, real time customer management, and simplified inventory control as just three of the many features, managing your operation becomes a breeze. Not only is the software fully customizable, it is also user-friendly. Whether you have one retail location or a large chain, our Retail Software is designed to take your business to the next level.

Keeping up with a fast-paced restaurant and meeting customer demands is essential for success. With Sintel Software Restaurant Software, transactions are processed quickly and accurately. Our fully customizable and categorized menu options make the software adaptable and efficient. Add modifier items, daily features, and lunch/dinner specials with no problem. Using Sintel Restaurant Software will improve customer service and help make managing your restaurant easier than ever.

POS Software for Chinese Food and Asian Cuisine need to manage your entire inventory, with any small plates, soups, entrees, and additional modifiers for each order. Whether adding chicken, steak, or tofu, or specifying between various levels of spicy, you want to be able to easily manage each order to keep your customers satisfied. On top of that, wouldn’t it be great to be able to send your chef the kitchen receipts in Chinese as well? With a Point of Sale from Sintel Software, we can ensure that all these needs and more will be met.

Whether you sell your pizza by the slice, delivery, or have a full-service restaurant, pizza POS systems from Sintel Software will give your specific business everything that it needs. The software includes simplified menu management, custom delivery options, and called ID integration. A customer chooses their crust, sauce, cheese, and of course all the toppings. The pizza POS system in your restaurant must be set up to allow for quick and efficient input all this information in the specific way that your business runs. With Sintel Software, our software includes all the details needed, while still being user-friendly.

As a frozen yogurt shop owner, it is important to keep up with not only variety but also constant demand and competition. Including an integrated weight scale, tare function, and a built-in loyalty card program, Sintel Software Frozen Yogurt POS provides an easy-to-use software with powerful management capability for your business. Our software allows your employees to process orders within seconds with integrated credit card processing and a hold-order function as well.

Managing your bakery has never been easier with Sintel Software Bakery POS Software. With fully customizable features, any large event or catering order can be completed directly through your system. Keep track of custom cake orders and allow customers to make deposits when they order. Use the integrated scale for any and all weighted products. We ensure that our user-friendly, professional software will be exactly what your bakery needs.

While Salons and Spas continue to meet the demands of their customers, the Point of Sale industry increases development to meet the needs of the Salons. Sintel Software Salon and Spa POS Software brings an easy to use appointment book with convenient client service and purchase history so that both you and your customer are satisfied.

With Sintel Software Produce and Grocery Software, your business runs smoothly and efficiently. The integrated weight scale allows easy weighing of produce items for a quick and speedy checkout. To make each transaction even faster, the software includes integrated credit card processing as well. Keep your customers happy with an item refund and exchange operation. If your grocery or produce market is looking to improve POS software quality while increasing efficiency to meet customer demands, Sintel Software is here to help.

Access to operation management is essential for your business, but interrupting customer transactions to get information needed can be detrimental. Sintel Software Back Office software allows you to see employee time sheets, manage inventory, and analyze sales reports from any location. The software also allows for multi-store management for franchises. Don’t have an office? Not a problem. Sintel Software Back Office Software can be installed directly on your laptop. As long as you are a part of the store network, you can access their database.

With millions of Americans starting their day with coffee, let Sintel Software Coffee Shop POS software be your choice. Checkouts have never been faster with our quick serve mode. The integrated weight scale allows customers to buy not only their cup of coffee, but their favorite unique blend of ground coffee. With a customer loyalty program, let your customers earn points and redeem awards, while also sending them specials and coupons with customer information saved right on the system. Coffee is no longer just a business, it is a culture. Our up-to-date POS technology is the most efficient way to run your coffee shop.