Chinese Food Software POS

Chinese Food POS Software

Chinese Food Software POS

POS systems for Chinese Food and Asian Cuisine need to manage your entire inventory, with any small plates, soups, entrees, and additional modifiers for each order. Whether adding chicken, steak, or tofu, or specifying between various levels of spicy, you want to be able to easily manage each order to keep your customers satisfied. On top of that, wouldn’t it be great to be able to send your chef the kitchen receipts in Chinese as well? With a Point of Sale from Sintel Software, we can ensure that all these needs and more will be met.

Sintel Software provides ASP (Application Service Provider) offering, giving you total control of your business wherever you may be. This option allows enhancement features including Google Map Integration and online ordering. Whether the merchant is a small diner in a rural community or a world-famous franchise location in a major city. Sintel Software is the universal solution for all businesses.

Loyalty Point System:
Reward your loyal customers and show your appreciation for their business. This internal point system encourages customer to return time and time again. Customers can redeem points towards future purchases based on your program details. The loyalty system saves customer information on the cloud, instead of your local machine, so it will not be lost, and customers can even access their points on the mobile app. The contact information can also be utilized to send specials and coupons.

Coming soon: Mandarin


1) Chinese/Mandarin Receipt Printer

2) Chinese/Mandarin Kitchen Printer

3) Chinese/Mandarin KDS System. Software and hardware configuration provided by Sintel Software. Contact or call 855-POS-SALE for details.

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*Languages Available: Arabic – Chinese – Italian – German – Japanese – Korean – English – French – Portuguese – Russian – Spanish