With so many large pizza chains like Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, it can be hard out there for a smaller pizza joint to advertise themselves. The Houston Chronicle published an article in their Small Business section with some creative ideas on marketing for pizza places. The article suggested: […]

Pizza Joint Marketing Ideas

Even a strong, striving business may need to go through a growth transformation.  A growth transformation is when a business takes a step back to re-evaluate their current business models and strategies. Most companies will use a new executive management team during the transformation because they can be more objective. […]

How to Turn a Doomed Business Around

Once upon a time, Samuel Goldwyn said, “I’ll take fifty percent efficiency to get one hundred percent loyalty.” So what’s up with loyalty lately — specifically in the restaurant industry? Loyalty programs have grown to become an important driver in creating value for customers of many quick-serve and fast-casual restaurant […]

Creating and Rewarding Loyalty

Sintel Software Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) software caters to all types of restaurants ranging from QSRs (quick service restaurants) to full service eateries and catering operations. Our professional restaurant POS software is designed to help you efficiently run your store and provide great customer service at the same time. […]

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

The Salon and Spa Point of Sale software by Sintel Software is a great solution for organizing and maintaining your salon. Problems faced by salons is managing employees efficiently. Many salons have outdated systems to administer their business resourcefully. Sintel Software understands the regimen in which salons and spas operate, and […]

Salon and Spa Point of Sale Software