Salon and Spa Point of Sale Software

Sintel System Salon POS SoftwareThe Salon and Spa Point of Sale software by Sintel Software is a great solution for organizing and maintaining your salon. Problems faced by salons is managing employees efficiently. Many salons have outdated systems to administer their business resourcefully. Sintel Software understands the regimen in which salons and spas operate, and with doing so, we have created a Point of Sale system based on your needs. Various salons hire employees based on a rental station or commission setting. The Salon and Spa POS software comes equipped with settings to execute your specific way of business. Whether in a station rental or commission situation Sintel Software has fashioned our software to be able to work in such a way. Employees can have their own cash drawers, therefore profits will be kept separate. With our back office software, each employee’s commission report is also viewable. The salon POS is malleable to fit the structure of running your business. Our all in one system is the perfect time and money saving solution to proficiently execute your salon business.

Sintel Software’s salon and spa POS software and technical support is licensed through Sintel Systems Global Point of Sale (GPS). 

Whether a single-store location or an international franchise our expert software is designed with the business operation at its center. Sintel Software’s vast software portfolio offers solutions for retail, restaurant, and service industries including bakeries, grocery stores, salons, coffee shops, and frozen yogurt shops.

Sintel Software is exclusively developed for Sintel Systems GPS provider.

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