Selecting the right hardware can greatly impact the overall performance of a POS systems including the POS software. There are several factors of the hardware that must be considered based on the type of operation. Most of our POS software can be installed on compatible computers; however, Sintel Software strongly recommend the use of high quality dedicated POS terminals. The following are components of POS systems which should be considered carefully.

1.Processor 2. RAM 3. Hard Drive 4. Housing 5. Cooling System 6. Housing 7. Touch-Screen Operation 8. Customer Display 9. Magnetic Strip Reader 10. Warranty

Sintel Software does not provide software or hardware directly to end users. Our software is exclusively available through Sintel Systems Global Point of Sale (GPS). Complete POS package including hardware are available through Sintel Systems GPS which also offers a line of high quality and compatible hardware.

To obtain more information about the requirements of specific software we provide, please contact and tell us more about your specific needs. You can also directly contact Sintel Systems GPS at 855-POS-SALE for more information about hardware specification based on software selection.

Some of the hardware provider by Sintel Systems GPS is listed below.

Model 3i Point of Sale System Video

Model 5i Point of Sale System Video

Model 7i Point of Sale System Video